When I woke up yesterday I decided to have a detox day. I didn’t really know what that would look like but I thought I would start and see where it leads me. Why you ask?

Of course I over-ate at Christmas and had some things that didn’t really agree with me and too much of what I love – chocolate! But that was not really the reason. Why I choose to eat super clean was because I have been suffering a lot from throbbing and stabbing muscle pain around my right shoulder blade and mid back for about 5 days. Because I need to function each day, I have been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen, which I do not like taking. Because of the pain I could not do my normal walks and exercise routine. I have been sitting around – A LOT! Something I do not like to do.

When I am inactive and unable exercise my appetite decreases. I may crave a food, or want to grab something because I am bored but I am able stop myself, check in with how I am actually feeling and realize that I am not actually hungry. I have developed the skill of tuning into how my body feels and not eating out of habit or boredom. Of course, when I am stressed – that is a whole different story.

Each time I felt like reaching for food, I sat back, tuned into my body and asked myself “am I really hungry? or am I bored? or am I reaching for something to comfort myself or is because it’s lunch time so I should be eating?” I have to admit that it felt good to have this control. I wasn’t always able to do this, it has taken a long time and lots of practice.

So how did I do yesterday? I think I did great, even though I did not do a full day with just water, I was very happy with how I did. When I felt I was hungry, I sat back and asked those questions and if I felt I really needed to eat, I had something. What I consumed throughout the day is: a small green smoothie, 1 apple, 4 slices of cucumber, about 2 tbsp of soaked and rinsed Wakame (seaweed), 2 fork fulls of salad (leftover in the fridge).

During the day I drank a lot of water. Sometimes with the water I would add chia seeds and a bit of lemon juice. I also had a couple of teaspoons of a high quality Marine Phytoplankton. The marine phytoplankton I take is a pure, freeze dried powder. I took more than usual to help with the detox.

The amount of food I actually ate would not fill a small bowl. This helped my digestive system to take a bit of a break.

With my body experiencing this strange pain in my mid back, I knew it needed energy to heal. Digestion requires a lot of energy from the body, so I thought I would eat as little as possible so that my body would have more energy to heal.

I was happy with how I did yesterday so I kept it minimal and clean today also. I have eaten a little more than yesterday but have continued to listen to what my body needs. My back is still bothering me but I am going to do all I can to help it get better.

I really recommend you give this a try. Do not put pressure on yourself or over-think it. It might work better if you don’t plan the exact day you do this and please don’t focus on what you will be denying yourself.

One day you will wake up and know that “today is the day” to have your own detox day. When that happens, take it hour by hour, continually tuning into your body and listening to what it is telling you.

Feel what your body needs and how it is reacting to what you are doing. Don’t get fooled by habit, cravings or boredom. If there are times when you cannot get food off your mind (if that lasts for a while) then eat something. Eat Something light and small (preferably raw) and then say “enough” and stop at that.

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