We have also recently achieved a break-through, in so far as our process is now capable of producing Instant Rice from brown rice. Such rice is notoriously difficult to cook, as it requires prolonged cooking. This has been completely eliminated, as our Instant Brown Rice is ready in three to four minutes after boiling water has been added.

Rice dishes can be spicy or tangy, savory or sweet. Rice soaks up gravies and sauces and cools and refreshes the palate when served with spicy food. Cooked with milk, sugar and spices, rice transforms itself into one of the best-loved creamy desserts. This makes the case for Instant Rice all the more convincing. The usual bother associated with cooking of rice is almost eliminated, bar the boiling of water. It thus makes it an attractive option for buyers with little or no time to spare, but for whom rice is a staple. Another potential group of customers is those who do not eat rice on a daily basis, and when they do, would like for it to be as convenient as possible. Instant Rice from foods & flavours perfectly fills a gap in the current market scenario. It is eminently possible for our Instant Rice to be used in every recipe that contains rice since it looks and tastes just like normally cooked rice. We can also combine our rice to give complete meals, like Instant Sambar Rice, Instant Dhal Rice, Instant Kheer, Payasam and Instant Rice Pudding or based on combinations to suit your individual preferences.

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