Rice, what would we do without it? It is the second most widely cultivated cereal in the world after wheat and is a staple food of over half the world’s population. In much of Asia, rice is so central to the culture that the word is almost synonymous with food. In Chinese the line in the Lord’s Prayer is translated as “give us this day our daily rice,” and a Japanese proverb states that “A meal without rice is no meal.” The attributes that have long attracted Asians to this grain are now becoming better known to Westerners. Fans of rice cite its flexibility, and its ability to absorb flavours while retaining its texture. Little wonder then that many of the world’s finest dishes have been based around it.

With this background on the established popularity and fast growing possibilities that emerge from rice as a product, foods & flavours have developed an Instant Rice which has all the characteristics of a naturally cooked rice. The Instant Rice is made from natural whole grain rice and not from pre-formed or extruded rice. Once the Instant Rice has been re-hydrated, the palate feel, taste and importantly, visual appearance are almost indistinguishable from that of conventionally cooked rice.

It is also possible to control the characteristics of the rice, such as firmness or softness of the cooked grain. Our Instant Rice can be made from a variety of rice types including Japonica and Indica, glutinous and non- glutinous as well as raw and par-boiled rice and white polished and even brown rice. The process we have adopted ensures that the Instant Rice is 100% free from preservatives, chemicals and additives. The Instant Rice developed by foods & flavours strictly adheres to international norms governing quality.

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