Becky Blake from Creating Super Kids who helps kids breakthrough Autism, ADHD and other neuro delays. Sarah Choureiry, who I met in Costa Rica at Finca de Vida Raw Food Retreat, is a speech therapist who shows parents how they can “Be a speech therapist while cooking in the kitchen”. Her blog with great recipe videos is

These two very special ladies are making a huge difference in the lives of children.

They are living their passion and helping kids overcome special difficulites. They have compassion and a whole lot of love that shines through which makes them shine in their fields.

Below is a video from Sarah Choueiry, the Speechfoodie. Here she is working with two adorable 2 year olds showing them how to make dairy free banana frozen chocolate yogurt. Sarah is a Speech Therapist who helps kids with their speech issues through cooking. She has a great blog, she has a channel on and has videos on YouTube you can check out.

Another great resource is a lady named Becky Blake who has dedicated years to helping kids rise above challenges such as Autism, ADD, ADHD and other neuro delays. She runs a school that assists children that were not able to be helped anywhere else. She does it amazingly fast also.

Check out her very important site, Creating Super Kids, and sign up for a free 1 hour interview call that she does where you will here for yourself what she can do for kids. I have listened to it and it is truly amazing!

Here is a video of Becky explaining more about her program and gives her contact information.

I hope you enjoyed these and if your kids, or if you know of anyone who has kids with any type of challenge, please check out these ladies and remember – KEEP IT NATURAL! Good nutrition and a whole lot of love and understanding can do miracles with your kids and you!

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