We are all on our own journey. Some may want to eat a high raw diet and some are just looding to incorporate more raw foods into their diet but are basically happy with their present way of eating. I found raw food by looking online for new and interesting healthy recipes. When I came across fantastic sites and blogs with amazing, fresh, beautiful pictures of raw food, I was hooked!! I have always loved healthy foods but I have to say that healthy foods cooked do not look as vibrant, colorful and wonderful as raw food dishes do.

It is easy to incorporate more fresh, raw veggies into your diet, but I was a lover of crackers, granola (I would make my own) and all things crunchy! I loved crisp toast and crunchy crackers and cereals so I knew one of the first raw food appliances I would need (besides a good blender) would be a dehydrator.

Dehydrated food is not as pretty or vibrant as fresh fruit and veggies, but for those of us that love bread, muffins, biscotti, crackers but want to get rid of gluten, cooked grain products and sugar, raw food dehydrating recipes are the way to go!

I do not eat a lot of dehydrated food. Most of my diet consists of fresh, raw food but I do add it when I crave the crunch or I feel like something savoury and heavier like pizza or a burger.

I have posted the recipes for some of these raw food treats below.

Here are some delicious raw burgers (made from carrots and pecans, etc). They were great wrapped in a lettuce wrap with a bit of mustard, cashew cheese and some veggies.

These would also be great crumbled into a salad or on some raw pasta.

Usually when I make pizza I use a buckwheat cracker (which is the pizza base) and use fresh ingredients and sauces and do not dehydrate it. For this class I did the works and served a pizza that was warm and topped with cashew cheese, marinara sauce and marinated veggies. It was so good and it truly tasted like a “cooked” pizza. Anyone would love this.

As you can see so far, raw food is not boring. One thing I love about making dehydrated goodies is the creativity involved. I love experimenting and blending ingredients and coming up with fantastic creations of my own. If you are someone who loves to cook then you would probably love raw food prep because the combinations and recipe ideas are really endless.

Seedy Crackers
1/2 C whole flax
1/2 C sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds combined
1/4 C sesame seeds
4 Tbsp thick chia gel
1 tsp agave nectar
Sprinke of black sesame seeds
Himalyan salt (a few shakes)
Pepper (a few shakes)
The sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds were soaked first then rinsed. The whole flax seeds were soaked.

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